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Live Sessions December 8th, 10 am to 7 pm EST.

Chase Jarvis   Art Marshall   Doug Gordon   Allen Murabayashi   Boudoir Divas

Chase Jarvis
Creativity and the New Social Art of Photography - Noon


Color management simplified:
An overview for portrait editing and proofing - Art Marshall and Chris Murphy, NEC Display - 1pm


Posing & Lighting:
Posing is back and this year is black. High fashion, high glamour weddings - Doug Gordon, DGW - 2pm


Put more “business” in your photo business:
Lessons from an entrepreneur - Allen Murabyashi, PhotoShelter - 3pm


Boudoir is the New Black:
Glamorous, Lucrative, & Ridiculously Fun - The Boudoir Divas - 5pm